You’d Better Not Pout

Why it is an American tradition to take our children to sit on Santa’s lap, I don’t know – its like the pumpkin patch all over again!!! –  but year after year after year I find myself coordinating our Christmas clothing and forcing my children to take at least one photo with ol’ Saint Nick, whether they are oblivious or terrified or whatever.

Its stupid, I know.

But it also results in some hilarity.

Take a look…

Let’s face it. It was no surprise to ANY of us that Gideon did not roll with this punch. Well, except for Santa. He looks a bit surprised, which says a lot about his “omniscience”, hmmmm?

Maybe next year, Gid will do better…

Looks promising, right? But no. That is seriously as close as Gideon got to Santa that year. He wouldn’t go in that cute little house or even darken its doorway.

He was happy, however, to take a photo with this drum set at the nearby Pottery Barn Kids. “Gideon…” I warned. “There is no way Santa will bring you those drums after the way you just snubbed him.” I was right. Santa did not bring him those drums. And he never will. (Mwah ha ha ha!)

So maybe next year, Gid will do better…

Progress! He at least conceded to sit next to the jolly old fellow. This was our first year to visit The Christmas Train at Dry Gulch. I was so embarrassed that Gideon had his pacifier in his mouth (usually just a secret nighttime indulgence) but he had a bad cold and I neither wished to miss this epic event nor stay at home; we hoped the pacifier would keep him from breathing on people. It seems like it also gave him the courage to interact with Santa!

Meanwhile (seriously, at the same time) Miss Sunday was with her Granddaddy and Grandmother at Bass Pro Shops meeting Santa (but wait? I thought Santa was at Dry Gulch…how did he…what’s going on?) for the first time…

She reportedly adored him, my unsinkable Rebekah Sunday.

And he adored her, in return.

But what would she think the next year? And how would Gideon feel about Santa as a 3-year old with NO pacifier?…


Fail. Rebekah obviously has forgotten how chummy she and our white-bearded friend were last year. We decided to try a family shot instead, resulting in my favorite. Santa. picture. ever. hands-down. no contest. for. the. rest. of. my. life…

Everyone’s happy right? Until your eyes land on Miss Sunday…

That’s a pout if I’ve ever seen one.

Their relationship has continued to deteriorate. On Sunday night we made our annual trek to The Christmas Train and popped in to see Santa before we left. From afar, Rebekah told him what she wanted: “A new baby.”

Gideon asked for a toy train and a toy airplane, and then we took a group picture, Rebekah tucked safely on her Papa’s lap. When it was time to leave, however, she got all kinds of brave…

“Where’s my baby?” she asked with absolutely no levity in her voice.

“Well, little girl,” Santa hedged. “I have to go back to the North Pole and make it.”

There was a long pause as we all waited to hear what she thought of this news.

“Actually…” she said in her little high-pitched voice, staring unflinchingly into his eyes. “I think I want a…teddy bear.”

We were a bit slow to catch on, until Gideon exclaimed “There’s a teddy bear!” Turns out, Santa was surrounded by teddy bears. Which makes me think Miss Sunday was really saying “Now what are you going to do, Santa? Are you going to deliver…or not?

I think she’s on to him.

But at least we got a fun picture. And on the first try, too…

Ahhhh…I haven’t had this much fun since we went to the pumpkin patch and propped crying Betsie up on a pumpkin.

Christmas Tree, coming up next!

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