Like Father, Like Son. Please, God. Amen.

If Mr. Gore had been startled awake by the flashing of my camera at 11:30 p.m., I would have had an easy explanation. Gideon, who was mercifully allowed to curl up next to his Papa in bed tonight rather than sleep in his “uncomfortable” and “too little” bed upstairs, was lying next to him, both of them facing my side of the bed with one hand curled up beneath their chins and one arm stretched out under their heads. Identical.

My heart melted a little, and my thoughts immediately turned into prayers.

Prayers that Gideon would mirror his Papa in every way…

May he have kind eyes, surrounded by crinkle lines and viewing the world through the lens of the gospel.

May he be compassionate, eager to help those who need it, whether they deserve it or not.

May he be generous, willing to give up any and everything to show any and everyone that he cares more about them than he does about himself.

 May he be humble, ultra-sensitive to his own sin and quick to apologize when he is at fault.

May his inward devotion to God speak even louder than his words.

May he champion the least, may he crave a life of simplicity, and may he do his best growing long after he has become an adult.

May he have a God-given wisdom that understands the mysteries of Scripture and may he use that knowledge to help others love the Bible.

May he appreciate hard work, whether the pay is great or small, whether he is being watched or quite alone.

May he lay down his life for his family day after day after day.

May he be true to his wife, even when she is a half-witted ingrate. May he make her feel like the luckiest woman in the entire universe for all time.

May he glorify his Creator with a life marked by self-denial and love for others.

May he make the lives of those who have the privilege of knowing him exponentially better.

May he bring light and laughter to his home, and may the household go up in cheers when he comes walking up the sidewalk at the end of the workday.

May he understand the blessing of many children, eyes alight with love and pride in their antics, schedule always open for their smallest needs.

And may he put aside his book and curl up next to his son when he needs his Papa…

Yes, that is what I want for my Gideon.

Like father, like son. Please, God. Amen.

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