Mrs. Gore is QUAKING!!! Literally.

What I am thinking in correlation to the earthquake that just shook my entire house for the better part of a minute:

1. I’m embarrassed. No one wants to look like an idiot in times of crisis. I was worse than an idiot, half-dressed, toothpaste dripping from the corners of my mouth, hair in a frizzy pile on top of my head, eyes crazed, yelling at Chris (who was standing across the room staring at me in disbelief) from the doorway “EARTHQUAKE! Get the kids!! Get the kids! Earthquake!!! Its an earthquake, Chris. Get the kids NOW! Go get the kids! Get the kids!! GET THE KIDS!”

2. What were you thinking, forefathers? Was this great state of Oklahoma really worth land-running for? Tornadoes…bar-ditch trash…humidity…earthquakes???

3. Jesus, concerning the rapture, I realized tonight that I am still not ready and I am ridiculously afraid of all things end-timesy. Seriously. So could you please help me get ready? Without anymore dangers, toils and snares? Like, is there a button you could push on my nose that would make me brave and faithful and true without any more natural disasters to aid in my growth?

4. There goes that extra hour of sleep that Daylight Savings was going to give me. I am wound up like a wind-up toy. One that just felt an earthquake.

5. Earthquakes are mean and they hurt my feelings.

6. There is NO way I”m going to sleep without my kids in my bed tonight. Like I said before, “Chris, go get the kids now.” I still mean that.

7. I want my Mommy.

8. This morning I went on an amazing adventure with Gideon and my Mom, hiking through the woods, throwing rocks in the creek, heart singing with happiness and contentment; tonight, I am miserably aware once more of how scary this place is and how desperately I need a Savior.

9. Church is going to be awe.some. tomorrow! And it is highly likely that we won’t get very far in our Sunday School lesson.

10. I’m so glad to have another thing to add to my list of fears. Yay for scary stuff…

And that about sums it up. I am obviously beside myself, and I swear, if that train horn that always makes me think of “the trumpet” honks tonight, I am going to snap. Or tinkle in my bed.

So…where were YOU during the 5.2 earthquake of 2011? Share below. But hurry, before the aftershocks hit!!

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