Mrs. Gore, on location…

This is Mrs. Gore, coming to you from…squeal of delight!…Panera Bread.

I am alone.

I have coffee.

And I have one hour.

One hour to pretend like I’m a real writer and look all hippy-dippy with my coffee mug and laptop and my cellphone.

One hour to slurp down enough coffee to justify the $2 I spent to come here.

One hour to try to jot down the children’s story that has been in my heart for months…

It ain’t gonna happen.

The story is inspired by one of my favorite hymns, And Can it Be, by Charles Wesley. Other hymns resonate deeply with me, but this one so beautifully paints the picture of God’s merciful salvation through Jesus Christ, and I desperately want to tell that story. So I ask for your prayers, that I might correctly capture the theology behind the hymn and the Scriptural truth that inspired it and that I might find the right words and setting to paint a picture that will capture my children.

Thanks for going on this journey with me. I shall dedicate my book to you…

Unless it gets published. Then I will definitely dedicate it to my Mom or my husband or Charles Wesley.

Now leave me be! I have work to do.

(and at least five more cups of coffee to drink).

2 thoughts on “Mrs. Gore, on location…

  1. I feel like I have commented on this before, but I too LOVE “And Can it Be” but I feel like no one in our generation even knows this hymn! I first learned it as an adult through Bible Study Fellowship, because BSF loves to bust out all kinds of oldies but goodies. So exciting to think of it being brought to life in a children’s story. I will be first in line at your book signing! 🙂

  2. Oh, Mrs. Gore! I do hope you get that book finished. That is one of my most favorite hymns, as well, and I sing it to my daughter at bedtime. I would LOVE to be able to have that song in book form, with pictures, for her to see as well as hear! I will pray that inspiration and time come your way so that you can finish it. Sign me up for one of the first copies!

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