In 2002, I sat down at my parent’s computer. Two weeks later, I emerged from their office, bleary-eyed, addle-brained, hungry…and swearing never to play “The Sims” again. If a computer game affects your dreams and causes you to murmur in your sleep like one of its characters, it is just too darn much, an unhealthy gluttony of technological entertainment.

Cut to yesterday afternoon when I finally “peeked” at during the children’s naps to see what all the fuss was about…

I perused the site for about 30 minutes, thinking “Meh. This doesn’t really appeal to me.”

But then, just for kicks, I started pinning my favorite kitchen items on a board.

Then I started another board for my favorite bathroom luxuries.

Then a board for books, a board for movies, a board for daughters, a board for sons, a board for my wardrobe.

Halloween. Christmas. Babies. Gardening. Parties. Food.

At some point, Mr. Gore came home. He talked every once in awhile and I would respond by a quick half-smile and a rattle of my head. My eyes were wide and crazed and even when I was looking at someone else I was organizing lists of “stuff” in my head.

17 boards and 203 pins later I snapped my computer shut and fled from my room, shaky and grouchy, with a shroud of guilt resting rather heavily upon my shoulders.

I walked into my kitchen. Underneath the mess of an afternoon of domestic neglect I could see many of the items I had pinned to my Pinterest kitchen board…

“Wow,” I thought to myself. “There’s my stuff, in person, for me to enjoy. WHY did I just take the afternoon off to showcase it on an online bulletin board?”

To “inspire” others? To share resources with others? To gather all of my things on one page so I could further decorate my house, matching colors and themes? To just be a show-off?

Anyway you slice it, it was a weird use of my afternoon. Fun, yes! Weird…also yes.

At church I was a bit distracted, trying to mentally hold on to the things I would add to other boards when I got home. After putting the kids to bed and watching a bit of television with Mr. Gore, this bewitching website beckoned me back and successfully held my attention until 1:00 a.m. when, thank God, my site had a temporary crash.

I was forced to call in a night.

But there it was, the tab still opened on my computer, to greet me this morning. I fiddled with it just a little, utterly shocked everytime I looked at my clock to see that another 10 minutes had passed…

“That’s it!” I said (to myself), 30 minutes into my indulgence. “NO MORE Pinterest. This morning.” I snapped my computer shut again, threw on some playclothes and yelled “Kids! We’re going outside. I’m going to chase you and we’re going to play baseball and kickball and dodgeball!”

And we did exactly that.

In fact, we played so hard that Mr. Gore was called upon to deliver cherry lime-aids up the hill to quench our thirst and aid in our revelry. We had a picnic and we played some more, enjoying the fruits of family and love and reality.

Exactly one day ago, I entered the world of Pinterest for the first time; today here I sit, a recovering “Pin-addict”.

Will I return?


Because it is really, really fun and could be very useful…

But I don’t want to get so busy pinning Halloween ideas and crafts and recipes on my board that Halloween passes me by. I don’t want to concentrate so hard on gathering all of my favorite children’s books up that I forget to read to my kids that day. I don’t want to try so diligently to find the perfect birthday party for Gideon that the days leading up to that party are not cherished on a minute-by-minute basis. And I never again want to craft my kitchen together on a website to find that my real one fell apart in the meantime.

I mean seriously…gag me with the spoon I shared on Pinterest.

Moderation, my dears. I’ll be pinning it to all of my boards from now on!

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