My Continual Feast

As we were nearing our hometown tonight after a 5-day vacation to Texas, I had to take a moment to just sigh. I sigh a lot, just like my Momma – you would think we were very, very sad or maybe oppressed or downtrodden, but we just like to make a little racket while we’re doing chores…

This sigh, however, was meaningful. It contained all of the heady emotions I was experiencing after our time away, too many to process, really, too great to tell.

It was a happy sigh.

I suppose it had a little to do with the backseat chatter and giggles of my eldest children and the continued contented silence of my littlest (all of whom not only survived 12 hours in the car, but embraced them) and a lot to do with a renewed gratitude for my many blessings.

We took this trip to my Aunt Bea’s house in Hallettsville, 1. because we adore her, and 2. because she lives awfully close to the antique festival of the world in Roundtop, Texas. Aside from visiting my beloved Aunt, I had high hopes of finding a bevy of treasures to bring home, the cash won at our garage sale burning a decent-sized hole in my favorite purse.

But once I got there, I didn’t find much of anything I really wanted – a far cry from the Mrs. Gore of yesteryear who could always, always, always find something she couldn’t live without – and aside from an iron twin-sized bed for Miss Sunday and a few whatnots, I came home pretty much empty-handed.

Honestly, I’m shocked.

What I came home with instead was a very happy heart and a van-full of living, breathing treasures, crafted by a loving Father and given freely to an undeserving sinner…

I want to tell you all about it. And I will. But tonight I simply want to tell you that it was a good week for Mrs. Gore, one that she needed, and one that she’ll not soon forget.

“All the days of the afflicted are evil, but the cheerful of heart has a continual feast.” Proverbs 15:15 (ESV)

YUM. I have tasted of this continual feast, and I’ve got to tell you, this is some good eatin’…


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