A Teensy Weensy Love Story

Mama was a tad bit nervous when she discovered there was another bun in her oven.

Bun #3, to be exact.

Bun #1 and Bun #2 already kept Mama on her toes all day, minus their synchronized napping in the afternoon. They also kept her arms full. Having bun #3 in her tummy was one thing, but where was she going to put it when it came out? On her shoulders? On top of her head? In her brassiere?

But then the bread timer went “ding!” and bun #3 was “done”.

They wrapped her up in a blanket to keep her warm and named her Betsie.

Betsie Fair.

Betsie Fair was a bit put out at first, displaying quite loudly what an inconvenience it was for her to depart from her warm and toasty oven…

But the minute – and I mean the minute – she was placed in Mama’s arms and heard her voice, she became very quiet and very still and said (without speaking, of course) “Oh my, forget that old oven…this is home.”

Betsie and Mama made a deal: if Betsie would let Mama get a fair amount of work done each day and just a smidgen of peace and quiet, Mama would not only feed and change her, but would hold her every once in awhile for no reason at all.

For what more does a Betsie Fair need?


A clean diaper…

And then of course the pure pleasure of being held close to someone’s heart, preferably Mama’s…

That’s all.

Oh, and cozy, snuggly pajamas.

That really is all.

But Betsie Fair tricked Mama…

When Mama held Betsie close to her heart every once in awhile (for no reason at all), Betsie snuggled in as close as she could get and curled up like a tiny, breathing piece of heaven.

When Mama peeked into Betsie’s bassinet to make sure her quiet one was still with her, Betsie caught her eye and smiled so big she nearly rolled over.

When Mama put Betsie’s face in the crook of her neck to calm her tears, Betsie became a puddle of contentment, barely breathing, barely moving, and said (without speaking, of course) “Oh my, forget that old bassinet…this is home.”

Soon, Mama was doing more than her share of the deal, feeding Betsie, changing Betsie and holding Betsie, not just every once in awhile for no reason at all, but…

anytime she got the chance.

Because Mama loves Betsie.

Mama needs Betsie.

Betsie brings peace and quiet – and unspoken joy – to Mama’s soul…

“Oh my,” Mama sighed, rubbing her cheek on Betsie’s soft, warm, down-covered head. “Let’s just forget that old deal we made, little one…this is home indeed.”

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