What Mrs. Gore learned the Third Week of July, 2011

~ In numerical order ~

1. On the day of my Daddy’s 60th birthday, it struck me that my theology really has miraculously improved. A few years ago, I would have lauded my Dad on his birthday for what a great man he is, a hard worker, generous, kind, faithful…this year, however, I found myself naturally giving that credit to God and begging for more of the same grace on this most important man in my life. I can’t think of a better birthday gift for my Dad than to have his loved ones beseeching God on his behalf. Plus, prayers are free…maybe on your birthday I’ll pray for you, too. You’re welcome, in advance.

2. These aren’t free, but at least they are inexpensive: breakfast parties! My Daddy has been teaching Sunday School for as long as I can remember; in fact, I distinctly remember his class at the time throwing him an “over the hill” 40th birthday party. A 9-year old at the time, I thought he was as good as dead. (Now I realize how very young he is!). So this year, as his big day landed on the Lord’s Day, I threw together a little surprise party with our class. Mini muffins galore, cinnamon rolls, coffee, but the highlight was when a band of party-hat wearing toddlers and children came marching in to sing “Happy Birthday!” That plus a huge batch of homemade vanilla ice cream for lunch and I think he knew how much his daughter loves him. The best things in life, and the best birthday gifts, are definitely edible.

3. Sometimes (okay, lots of times) something seems like a good idea…(for instance, six weeks after having a baby, caravan-ing two hours with your parents to the American Idol concert in Oklahoma City on a Tuesday night when your husband is away at church camp and your Dad has to get up and go to work the next morning at 6:00 a.m.)…until the day before the event. Then it seems like a really, really bad idea. You will berate your poor planning and dread it, but then Casey Abrams will play his bass and you and your Mom and Dad will be smiling and eating nachos and popcorn and you’ll remember why this was a great idea, after all.

4. When I lived in Kentucky, I bought my Mom a little glittered hanging plaque that says “While you’re away, I pine all day.” Which was true. What is also true is that while HE’S away I pine all day. A week with my children at my parent’s house is almost as good as it gets, unless Chris Gore is away at camp. I shuffle about when he is not near…”near” meaning just down the hill or in the living room. Boo…hoo.

5. That said, there are definite perks to staying at Mama’s house. Late-night movies and hair brushing (and foot rubbing!), sleeping in for the first time in months, already doctored coffee delivered to my hands first thing in the morning, bathed children every night before bed…not. too. shabby.

6. On one of my mornings “of leisure” (my three offspring were still with me, as was my precious niece Kate), I took the time to fully groom myself – toenails, fingernails, eyebrows, feet, ahem…upper lip region…and it took forever. How did I have the time to stay so meticulously groomed when I was a teenager and in my young 20’s? Oh, wait, I remember – that was all I did.

7. I have some pretty amazing friends. I’ve already chosen my next roommate should anything ever happen to Chris.

8.  I only learn about 7 new things in a week. Obviously, this week I learned 8.

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