When your companions are aged 4 and under…

We were one mile into our drive from Grandmother’s house to our house.

“I see a-wucky pie-er!” Rebekah said from her carseat.

And again. “I see a-wucky pie-er!”

And again. “I see a-wucky pie-er!”

And…again.” I see a-wucky pie-er!”

The girl grew an impressive vocabulary overnight and spouts off new 4-7 word sentences every day, surprising the whole family. But sometimes it takes a little work to understand what she is saying…for most people, that is. Mama, however, speaks fluent Rebekese.

One more time. “I see a-wucky pie-er!” she exclaimed.

“You see a wucky thpider??” Gideon asked excitedly from his location in the seat behind her.

Now, thankfully Mama also speaks fluent Gideonese, so I immediately knew that he thought his sister had spotted “a lucky spider.” I mean, that would be exciting. But that’s not what she was saying.

“No, I see a-wucky pie-er.” she insisted.

“Huh? A wucky what?” Gideon asked.

Finally I piped up. “A fire!” I said from the driver’s seat. “She sees a yucky fire.”

“Yes! I see a-wucky pie-er!” Rebekah said.

“Where? Where’s a yucky fire?!” Gideon asked.

“There is no fire…” I explained, sighing. “She thinks the dust from the car in front of us is smoke from a fire.”

“Ohhhhh…” said Gideon.

I whacked Rebekah’s helium balloon out of my face.

“So…who wants to listen to the radio?!” I asked.

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