Small Elephant Remembers…Rebekah

Rebekah’s incubation, birth and first days were recorded in the 2009 edition of The Harry Herald

“Help! The Bun in My Oven is Overdue and I’m About to Expire!”

(from the author who brought you “Help! There’s a Bun in my Oven and I Don’t Know How to Cook; one woman’s journey to Motherhood in diary and recollection)

August 2008

Chris and I are thinking it might be time for another baby.

September 2008

Well the discussion is over…I’m with child!

September 2008

Mom and I went on a weekend trip to Dallas to go shopping. She does not know yet that I am pregnant and it is increasingly difficult to keep mum about it. We shopped at Anthropologie (my favorite store in the world!!) from 10:00 – 2:oo, accidentally missing lunch (by two hours?!), and sadly, I now find that the mere thought of that store makes me nauseous. I can’t visit their website or even look at a catalogue without feeling my stomach turn. Who would have thought that Anthropologie would give me morning sickness?! Perhaps this aversion will save us some money…

October 13, 2008

I’m a bit queasy this go-round. No actual sickness, but no spring chicken, either. I can’t drink or even smell coffee, oh woe is me! I have been taking more time to cuddle my firstborn and to heap love on him and play with him, for I know in the coming months there will be a wall between us ~ my enormous belly. So far I am not showing and only last week told Mom and Daddy. I hoped to conceal my secret a little longer but I was tired of pretending that I felt good and was especially tired of trying to suck my belly in. On Wednesday we will announce our good news to the church!

November 2008

With Gideon I craved broccoli and mustard (not together, mind you). This time I am eating a lot of ham and cheese sandwiches smothered in mustard and piled high with potato chips. YUM! I like the flavor so much, I’d take it in a chewing gum!

December 2008

I am most happy to report that the nausea has flown away for the winter! I am feeling so much better (although Gideon and I suffered the most terrible colds all of last week) and I must say this pregnancy has been better than the last, in that my vanity and my emotions have not taken such a hit ~ there is just not time enough for such things ~ hours of introspection are no longer a luxury (or a curse?), although I did have a small breakdown today…I had just prepared a delicious lunch but as I was settling down in my chair to eat it, I dumped an entire glass of soda on my lap, soaking everything, including the new “birthweek” shirt my Mom had bought me. I said “Momma, help!” and just started sobbing. She helped me up, but I just stood there and wept, so she pushed me in the direction of the bathroom, got my clothes, washed them, cleaned up the chair and five minutes later had me sitting back down with an identical lunch in place, this time safely on the tray in my lap. She hugged me and said “Lesley, there’s just no use crying over spilled Coke!” She’s right, you know.

December 2008

I can shop at Anthropologie now and I can drink coffee! And I have discovered a new craving ~ pastries. I could eat glazed donuts for every meal. I want one now.

January 2009

Well we finally made it to the doctor. Everything looks great on the baby, but Dr. Tramonte said something really funny after looking at the ultrasound…he said the thinks it might be a girl. There is no way.

February 11, 2009

It really is a girl! Fancy that! Here I’ve always imagined myself surrounded by boys, and already I am wrong. To be honest, I am at a loss! A boy you can imagine – his hair will be simple, he’ll be rough and tumble, he’ll eat a lot, but a girl?! Who can tell? I only know this…she is a blessing and a gift from a very loving Father. I cannot wait to meet her and see how He has put her together…if indeed the ultrasound read true…I wouldn’t be much surprised even now to discover this is a boy after all!

February 18, 2009

My doctor called me crazy today. After nearly fainting in the choir Sunday, we made an appointment to discuss some discomfort I’ve been having in my chest. It doesn’t bother me until I am in bed, and then I think I am dying. So we talked to Dr. Tramonte, who told me not to be too concerned, and then during his prayer for us, he asked God to be with us “even when we’re being a little bit crazy.” Chris snickered and made fun of me all the way home. But truly, this is why I like my doctor! He, like my husband, does not indulge my anxieties.

February 2009

Apparently word has spread about my “heart condition” and everyone at church is now concerned about me. Our resident Southern belle, Mrs. Annette Jones, called to ask how I was doing and Mom shared with her what the Doctor said on Wednesday, that nothing was wrong except that I might be a little bit crazy. In her irresistable Texas drawl, Mrs. Annette said “Well you just tell her she needs to get a second opinion…he’s right! She is crazy.” How I adore that woman.

February 2009

Ha! Turns out I might not be crazy after all. I had to have an EKG, an echocardiogram, AND a chest x-ray to rule out any chance of heart problems. It was probably the most anxious I have ever been about anything, contemplating my pending death and crying over the thought of anyone else planning Gideon’s birthday party…but it felt SO good to hear that nothing was wrong. The peace of mind was well worth the thousands of dollars we spent to determine the true cause of the squeezing in my chest…acid reflux.

March 2009

Abigail (nearly 5 years old now!) came over to the house today, and as she walked past me, patted me and said “How’s your belly?” very much like one might say “How’re ya doin’ today?”

March 2009

I made my Mom giggle when I came stumbling into the living room close to midnight to “check on my pastry” from Panera Bread…I just wanted to make sure it was wrapped up nice and tight, that’s all.

March 2009

Chris and I were in bed last night when I begin patting my belly. It sounded like a drum, beating through the bedroom! He exclaimed over the apparent hollowness of my stomach, causing me to dissolve into laughter. So tonight when we were about to go to sleep, I patted his belly, only to find that his, too, beat like a hollow drum. I began to mock him for having a cavernous stomach just like mine when he insisted that mine was much louder. “It is not!” I protested and began to beat on my belly just to prove it to him. I’ll never forget the resounding congo noise that loudly echoed through the room, proving that Chris, again, was right. We just cracked up. I hope we didn’t alarm the baby.

April 13, 2009

I cried a lot during my first pregnancy. I’ve cried a little during my second, but I have been more prone to hysterical laughter. At least ten times I have laid in bed laughing with tears pouring down my face. My stomach and face feel like they’re going to crack ~ it really is terribly uncomfortable! One night I began saying words like “fart” to oh-so-proper Chris and the more I said, the more I laughed. He just looked at me like I was an idiot. Tonight I started laughing about the whole birthing process and I just could not stop. Chris put his earplugs in and rolled over.

April 25, 2009

I’m just a girl who cain’t say no, so when Miss Barbara asked me to sing a solo in church this morning, I said yes. Chris was shooting daggers at me with his eyes, because he has heard me say time and time again that singing right now makes me feel like I’m going to fall over. We just decided to deal with it and do what we could to ensure that I was cool and comfortable that morning, turning the air down really low; I had no idea how hot-natured I had become and had to laugh at what our precautions did to the rest of the congregation. I was feeling great and for the first time in months did not have to use my bulletin to fan myself the entire service, but when I turned around in my pew to see who all had made it to church, I noticed that everyone was apparently freezing. Even my Daddy was hugging himself for warmth! Sorry, everyone, but I’ve not had such a happy Sunday morning in a loooooong time.

to be continued…

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