Oh What a Beautiful…

…Mornin’, y’all! It is a rare and blissfully quiet morning. For reasons unknown to me, I woke up at seven o’clock, Gideon’s arms all tangled up into mine. I never know when he joins us in our bed…I only wake up to find him there, and it is always a wonderful surprise. He has grown more affectionate in recent months, finding me often and crawling into my lap just to be held or to have his back scratched. But nothing beats curling up to sleep next to him. All of a sudden he is perfectly okay with having his face all smooshed up next to mine and sometimes even wraps a little arm around my shoulders. Love.

I assumed the two of us slept late until I scooted my foot as far as my body would allow and bumped into Chris’s leg. I knew then that it was early (for me, at least), but when I closed my eyes to hunker back down into sleep, my brain did not shut off. I was good and awake and finally decided to take advantage of the miracle. I tiptoed out of the room, hearing Chris’s gravelly voice say “I can’t believe it…” (always a wise guy!), and have since had an hour and a half to myself. I’m even clean already!

Someday…someday soon…maybe a couple of months after baby 3 has arrived…I’m going to do this every morning. Maybe start making breakfast for the whole clan. I like being the first one up, especially when it results in a coffee break on the front porch while my Mister waters his flowers before riding his bicycle down the hill to his cozy church office. I definitely prefer kissing him goodbye rather than waking up to find him gone, Gideon fed, and Rebekah singing “Mama!!!!” from upstairs. (I know! I’m pathetic!!)

And I am reminded yet again that great days start the night before. If I had taken my coffee out to a messy porch, it would have made me grouchy instead of inspired. But last night, we tidied it up before bed. If I had entered into a living room scattered with toys and debris, I would have wanted to go crawl back in next to Gideon and return to sleep. But no, I straightened up the pillows and carried all the toys to the stairs before I washed my face and brushed my teeth, leaving a spotless room to wake up to. So worth it. I highly recommend it…

I look forward to the coming days and months. There is so much to share (as I type, there are 30 post drafts sitting in my blog’s “dashboard”!!) and life continues to be so beautiful. Especially early in the morning in my tidy house.

I hope you have an equally beautiful and wonderful day.

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