A Day Worth Reenacting

Tell me…

What in the world could inspire a 7 1/2 months pregnant woman to give up her beloved Sunday nap in order to drag a 4-year old, two folding chairs, a huge stack of blankets and a bag of snacks across an extremely long gravel parking lot in the frigid, frigid cold to observe a Civil War reenactment that said 4-year old would never have known was taking place had she not told him about it?

What could inspire her to give him the extra blankets, swaddling him in fleece from head to toe, while she became a Small Elephant popsicle, finally pulling him into her lap and hiding behind his head to get the tiniest bit of relief from the biting wind that was greedily gnawing on her ears?

And tell me, what could possibly inspire her take that Union soldier up on his offer to try shooting his flintlock pistol into the air not one, but three times, even though after the first try, she temporarily lost her hearing? Oh I don’t know…


Or maybe this…

And definitely this…

Yep, most certainly that.

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