Saturday Night and All’s Well

It is another quiet Saturday night…

The house is a bit messier than usual, and thankfully so, for instead of spending the evening tidying up and ironing church clothes, we spent it in the company of a group of friends who, because of our bond of Jesus Christ, feel very much like family. The special occasion was a birthday party, but it kind of felt like…heaven.

My heart is so full.

God is so good.

His kindness to me makes me want to lift all of my silly complaints, my unfounded ingratitude and my fleshly leanings off of my shoulders and cast them skyward where they might be whisked away forever, leaving me free to spend my hours and my days in happy communion with my Maker.

Because that’s how life could be…a pilgrimage where I gracefully walk in obedience to Him, my thoughts, my attitudes and my desires submitted to His care and His perfect will.

The only thing stopping me are my own two feet.

And so tomorrow morning you’ll find me, there in my pew, asking yet again for God to make me follow Him. He has been so faithful to chip away at me this year, answering my most specific and personal prayers, bringing solutions to my earnest questions, healing to my greatest hurts and Spirit-empowered change to my wandering heart.

My heart is so full.

God is so good.

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