Jesus is a What?!

It is of the upmost importance to Mr. Gore and myself that Gideon follows hard after God…

In fact, it is our one, foundational, singular goal in raising him, the primary thing we cry out to God for.

And so I really mean it when I say that I could care less what he decides to do with his life so long as his young heart has been captured by the Creator of the universe; if he never steps foot on a college campus or takes the bar exam or spends his time on a sports field, I don’t really mind so much, just as long as his heart is steadfast, resulting in the godly fruits of kindness, hard work, generosity, humility and anything else that blooms from the beautiful tree of God-centered manhood.

{I would prefer, though, if he veered away from the art of ventriloquism. Godly or not, that would creep this Mother out.}

Thus, when he shows any interest at all in the things of God or makes any kind of growth in his understanding of the Bible or theology, it absolutely thrills us. Especially as, for the most part he is…how do I put this?…a teensy bit irreverent.

Because we take our God-ordained role of shepherding our children very seriously, we have taken the advice of many Christian leaders and writers by trying to instill a nightly time of simple family worship in our schedule, knowing that it will grow deeper and more meaningful in the years to come. As our children are really very young, our expectations are pretty low right now…meaning that we’re pretty happy when our entire time together is not spent with one or both of them crying.

And so I don’t know if I can properly or accurately convey to you the joy Chris and I felt when Gideon surprised us one night during our music time with a song he had made up and wished to share with the family…

You could tell he was composing it as he went along, but the two of us hung on his every word (which turned out to be quite easy as he repeated the same ones over and over again.)

Jesus had to be born, Jesus had to be born, Jesus had to be born, Jesus had to be born, Jesus had to be born, Jesus had to be born, Jesus had to be born, the shepherds came to say, Jesus had to be born

And then he shared the second verse:

Jesus had to be born, Jesus had to be born, Jesus had to be born, Jesus had to be born, Jesus had to be born, Jesus had to be born, Jesus had to be born, the shepherds came to say, Jesus had to be born

He encouraged us to join him in this halting and tuneless hymn…er, “praise song”…and we haltingly and tunelessly did so, singing those same words for what felt like ten minutes. However, we were so glad to see our son engaging in family worship instead of growing distracted every four seconds or so; for us, it was a very successful and exciting night.

But the very next night, he absolutely knocked our socks off, composing a song this time that had some major depth and truth to it, especially for a 3-year old…

We start at the Bible, Jesus comes to fix our hearts. Jesus come, fix our hearts, please come and fix our hearts. We were dead but now we are alive, that is the end.

Oh my goodness. We clapped! We exclaimed! Our mouths hit the floor in utter shock! The boy who told his Sunday School teacher that Jesus had died in a war was actually listening and retaining and, even more, regurgitating his knowledge into song! Like the night before, we all sang this together a few times before bed, but doting mother that I am, I was itching to do some major bragging, and as soon as I had kissed the tops of those sweet little heads and said “goodnight”, I bounded down the stairs to get on facebook and share with the world the song Gideon had written, ecstatic, inspired, and blinded by this sudden light at the end of our tunnel of toddler depravity.

Not surprisingly, we received a great response to this particular facebook status…many people “liked” it and commented on it, tempting my initial excitement to morph into pat-myself-on-the-back smugness. (I’m not saying it did…I’m just saying I was tempted!)

But it was a short-lived, if glorious, victory. The next night, excited to hear what deep Biblical truth Gideon would set to music this time, we read our Bible story and then asked if he had any new songs to share with us.

Which he did!

I clasped my hands in my lap and leaned forward in motherly anticipation, shushing Rebekah so that I might focus on the richness of Gideon’s new song. But you know the old saying, “two steps forward, one step back?” Yeah…I do too. For the title of that night’s “hymn” was…brace yourselves…

Jesus is a Pirate.

It had a beautiful melody, but I have to admit that I don’t remember all the lyrics to this one. I was too busy whipping up yet another humble (albeit hilarious) pie to share with all the friends I had bragged to on facebook the night before…

Would you like a piece? Believe me, there is plenty to go around.

8 thoughts on “Jesus is a What?!

  1. Oh my … it is hard to keep reading when I am laughing so hard that I can’t keep my eyes open! Cheryl kept saying, “Don’t tell me … I want to read it for myself!” THANKS Mrs. Lesley!
    (And … no thanks, we’ve got plenty of that “parent humble pie” of our own! šŸ™‚

  2. okay, how did I get here… a friend posted your Magic Mike msg on fb, i read it, and all the comments, left you one about The Quiet Man, and then got curious about this post in the sidebar.

    Love it! Mother of 6 creatives, here (13 – 27).

  3. I like this. I like you.
    I’ve not been the biggest fan of the proliferation of Magic Mike posts plastered across the internet, but yours was fresh and interesting and true and not harsh.
    But I’m so glad I found your blog. You have a lovely voice. And voice is soooo important.

  4. Look on the bright side: maybe your son was thinking along the lines of Jesus = cool, pirates = cool, therefore Jesus = a pirate! Erroneous, perhaps, but somewhat understandable for an energetic little boy. +)

    I’m impressed and gladdened that your family sets aside time for worship every night. My family failed to do that growing up, though it was always a desire of my father’s. We’ve been blessed in many ways, still, mostly through our solidly Christ-and-Bible-centered church, but it can’t be denied: our daily habits don’t include family prayer and worship, except for the briefest sentiments at the dinner table. Every attempt we make to start up this habit fails; after all, I’m the youngest, and I’m out of college now (still living at home), so our habits are pretty settled. It’s a real challenge to set aside that all-important time for God. One of our favorite hymns is “Sweet Hour of Prayer,” but it would be of more use if we could actually spend an hour a day in prayer! I do hope that I’ll succeed in better training myself in such habits, so that when I have my own family we will pray and sing together.

  5. Haha, cute! I wish my family could have done a “family prayer and worship time” kinda thing, but it would be very difficult (as discussions of religion always are) because my parents are from very distinct denominations, Catholic and Disciples of Christ. This is still really awesome though, and if ever in time I decide to start a family, I really hope I remember this post and do family worship time. (I still have a few years before any of that should come about though lol.)

  6. wow, that is my sentiment exactly! My son is 10 weeks old and my husband and I pray always for him to have a heart for God above all else! Thanks for this amazing blog!

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