Don’t be a Party-Pooper…Be my Valentine!

I know Valentine’s Day has the propensity to make many people say “Gag me with spoon.”

~ But I, surprise, surprise, happen to LOVE Valentine’s Day ~

I am a holiday nutcase. In fact, I chose to paint my house white so it would serve as a nice, unclashing backdrop for my seasonal decorations…many of which do not reside in my attic but on my numerous wishlists at Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Amazon, and Victorian Trading Company. Stinky ol’ budget…

And so I have never understood why people hate Valentine’s Day.

So what if you don’t have anyone to send you flowers?…

So what if it is the one day you feel alone in the world?…

So what if you think the colors red and pink are the worst color combination ever?…

Its Valentine’s Day, you Scrooge. A holiday for everyone to enjoy, whether you have a suitor, a husband, a puppy, a child or a nobody.

And so here’s my advice, Valentine haters. Stop thinking that everyone has it better than you. Dating people are ooey gooey in love but they are burning with passion and biblically required to keep their hands to themselves. Married people still celebrate Valentine’s Day, but husbands only do so to stay out of trouble while their wives are desperately trying to hold on to the last vestiges of the ooey gooeyness of the courtin’ years. Children…okay, children do have it better than you. In fact, I would argue that this is a kids holiday…

And so enjoy it like you did when you were a kid. Make a card for someone, even if they aren’t really “Yours”. Eat a sugar cookie that is positively dripping with icing and sprinkles. Clash away by wearing a hideous pink sweater, or even better, a sweatshirt, with a big red heart on it.

Have fun. Because whether you like it or not, today is a HOLIDAY!

In celebration, please post your favorite Valentine memory under comments. Mrs. Gore’s favorite will receive a special homemade Valentine in the mail!

~ A heartfelt Happy Valentine’s Day from Mrs. Gore to YOU! ~

5 thoughts on “Don’t be a Party-Pooper…Be my Valentine!

  1. We love Valentines around here too and for me it is ALL about my kids. Our dining room stands decorated to the nines with hearts and red and pink. The children woke up to this display today as they do every year. I don’t have a specific memory to share. I just know that my favorite Valentines have all been with my babies. We eat a fancy meal and have chocolate covered strawberries and drink big read and have a ball. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    (My attitude is helpful given the fact that my very sweet and thoughtful husband really doesn’t enjoy being pressured to romance me on the 14th of February every year—I’ve finally let him off the hook!)

  2. I picked Valentine’s day for my wedding, but my mother said I cannot possibly get ready that fast so it was postponed for one week. Still a wonderful month for an anniversary. This year 57 th> Still ooey-gooey in love.

  3. My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is from my senior year in high school. I went outside to go to school in the morning (probably running late) and found my car FILLED with red, pink, and white balloons. My boyfriend (now husband of 14 years) had driven in the middle of the night from his job in Mounds to our house in Beggs and filled my car completely full of balloons. I don’t even know how he got the doors closed! It took me FOREVER to clean the balloons out to the point I could drive to school! It was SO SWEET, and even though he doesn’t quite go to THOSE extremes anymore, he’s still the sweetest husband ever! 🙂

  4. My favorite Valentines memory would have to be when Gary and I were engaged! He picked me up at my house and I thought he was taking me out to a restaurant but he said we needed to stop by his house to grab something. On the door read, “Gary’s Fine Restaurant”….it still took me a minute to “get it” and then we walked in and I could smell an amazing meal cooking! He had used every new item we had received for wedding presents that had still been in boxes. He had our new ice cream maker making strawberry ice cream, our new pans cooking up veggies, our new grill cooking steaks and served it on our plates we had registered for and received! After the meal he walked me over to a table that was circled in pink and silver hershey kisses, roses, and a pink gift bag. I was soooooo excited to open my gift! When I opened it up I could see it was a BEAUTIFUL pink sweater and as I pulled it out my eyes grew large. The sweater was HUGE!!! Probably at least 5 sizes bigger than I was and it could have fit me as a DRESS! Gary was so embarassed as he saw it close to me. He had ordered it online and being that I was the first girl in his life….his first kiss too :)….he said he had no idea about sizes….apparently! ha ha! We still to this day laugh about it. Such a fun night that I will never forget how happy he made me and most of all how special I felt!

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