Be SAVED, this Easter morn!

Sometimes you’re scrolling through the thousands of pictures you take of your family and you come across one that makes you guffaw. Below you will see Mr. Gore, seemingly preaching a fire-and-brimstone message to the children of our church at the 2008 Easter Egg Hunt. In reality, I think he is showing someone where to sit, but we’ll tell our grandchildren that “in the old days, preachers really preached, like your Grandpa here…”

"Nothing says Easter fun like preaching depravity to preschoolers." ~ Mr. Gore

My favorite picture of my husband, hands down.


One thought on “Be SAVED, this Easter morn!

  1. I helped him in Children’s Church one week, and he did talk about leprosy for quite some time with the kids! You know just telling like it is!

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