Sunday, Sweet Sunday

And then there is the subject of my baby girl, Rebekah Sunday Gore…

When I really started picturing myself as a wife and mother, which started happening sometime after I got married (before that, I really just pictured myself as rich and famous…stupid, stupid girl!), I always assumed I would have a house full of boys, something akin to the Pontipee clan on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. My husband is a redhead, after all.

And so my shock was great when in January of 2009, the ultrasound showed that I was having a wee little girl. My shock was greater still on June 8, 2009 when I gave birth to the babe in my stomach and it actually was a girl!

This soft, sweet, pink little package just did not fit into the plans I had made. But Miss Sunday has a way with folks, and about five seconds into her arrival, I was a goner.

To make sure she had won us over, she began sleeping through the night on her third day home. Feeding her was a breeze, nothing like the snorting, grasping, pulling sessions I had experienced with her big brother. She rarely, almost never, cried, but when she did it sounded like the cries of distress a Disney Princess might make, very soft and high-pitched and somehow lyrical. And then the cooing began, sounding more like the dubbed-in baby noises of the black-and-white film era than a real baby. Like “gaga-googoo” kind of noises. We found ourselves saying, rather frequently, “She can’t be real!” Just to prove that point, she took a five-hour stroller nap one day as my Mom and I shopped. What?!

{And I won’t even mention that at four months, she grew her first two teeth overnight without ever drooling or crying or throwing up or having diarrhea. Just woke up with teeth! But mentioning that would just be nigh unto bragging, so I’ll keep that part to myself! My little secret…}

But the best part about Rebekah’s infancy was that every time I looked down at her, whether we were in the back seat of the car, seated in church, playing outside or lying in bed, she would already be staring straight at me, with this look of expectation on her face. As if she lived for having me look at her and spent her entire days waiting for it. It was downright disconcerting, at times, causing me to jump, or start, as I would be completely unaware of her perusal until I looked over at her. But our eyes would meet, and she would smile at me like she adored me, like she had won a prize, and I found myself more than smitten. I was head-over-heels in LOVE! And I dubbed her my little Gloworm.

On December 8, 2009, my facebook status was as follows: “You know those rare people in your life whose mere presence brings peace and comfort to your soul, who, even dependent upon you, give more than they take?…this is my Rebekah. Today, Mama, Papa and Gideon are celebrating six months with this angel, this gift from God. Each of us were blessed indeed when she joined our family.” Oh, how richly blessed.

I seriously doubt that I will ever experience another baby like Rebekah. Her infancy was an unexpected gift of ease, relaxation and utter delight. I remember describing, with stars in my eyes, how wonderful her first six months had been to yet another senior adult friend at a Young at Heart outing to Cracker Barrel. “Oh…just wait,” she knowingly said. “At six months, she’s going to wake up!”

I should start believing my senior adult friends right off the bat. A minute after she turned six months old, Rebekah did wake up! But that’s another story for another day…

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