Little Boy Peep

Since my son has become potty-trained, I’ve realized that only one step…mmm, maybe two steps…better than changing diapers is cleaning up toilets that little boys use. Which, in the case of our home, equals three toilets. One son. Three dirty toilets.

Another dilemma has been the hand-washing ordeal that must follow. At home, I must be on hand to monitor the water temperature, the soap usage, the water splashage, and then make sure the boy dries his hands instead of leaving a trail of water drips across the laminate floors. And when we’re out, there is a huge problem, the fixed water temperatures of stores, gas stations and restaurants that range from burning hot to freeeeeezing cold. And then there are those blasted hand dryers that send my dramatic and cautious little boy fleeing from the room in terror. But the foam soap?…a definite plus.

Gideon, however, has apparently solved this hand-washing dilemma for me, at home and abroad…

We were having lunch a few weeks ago when he jumped up out of nowhere and proclaimed “I have to go peep!” “Peep” is one of those words he uses that I just don’t want to hear him stop using, so I haven’t corrected him. In fact, we all use that word now. In the Gore household, #2 is still “pooping”, but #1, well, that’s…”peeping.”

Anyway, he dashed off to the the little powder bathroom off of our living room, “peeped” and directly dashed back to finish his lunch. Only problem was I never heard the sink come on or off, nor did I smell C.O. Bigelow’s delightful lemon hand soap on his hands.

“Did you wash your hands, Gideon?” I asked, knowing the answer. Without a bit of hesitation, he brightly and matter-of-factly replied, “Oh…I didn’t have to hold on!”

I have since watched, and he’s right, he is a hands-free “peeper.” He just stands on his tippy-toes, arches his back…and gets peep all over my toilets. My three toilets.

One thought on “Little Boy Peep

  1. Hilarious! My 2 1/2 year old daughter also says “peep” and I, also, don’t have the heart to correct her ’cause it’s so darn cute! 🙂 (On a side note… I just finished reading every blog posting in “Miscellany”… how fun! On to another category I suppose. I really enjoy reading what you write.)

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