My Sweet Home: Plain Ol’ Pumpkins

Every year, I get excited about all the Fall décor I see on Pinterest, at Country Living, at Pottery Barn, via Martha Stewart…

every year, I determine that I’m going to make something cool with a pumpkin.

I’ve seen pumpkins made to look like vintage yellowware, pumpkins painted with chalkboard paint, pumpkins stacked and accessorized to make the Fall equivalent of a Winter snowman, pumpkins with this, pumpkins with that…

And every year, I either run out of time or my pumpkin craft turns out looking like a weirdo.

And so this year, with an infant, a homeschool and a back surgery patient on my hands, I gave myself a break, and when my dear friend, Charlotte, gave me some perfect pumpkins she accidentally grew in her pasture, guess what I did with them?


Nothin’, that is, except to gaze upon their unadulterated beauty as they sit upon my front porch table, bringing autumnal cheer to my heart everytime I see them.

Pumpkins are pretty, just as they are.



And so this is just me, giving you permission to have a plain ol’ pumpkin.


What did you do with your pumpkins this year? Paint them? Carve them? Smush them up into a pie? Do tell!